Frequently Asked Questions

We eliminate the hard work of engaging, qualifying and converting your leads into appointments.

We get more than 200 leads a month, do you have special pricing?

Absolutely, we have custom pricing for teams that receive more than 200 leads a month. Just contact us by email, phone, or chat and we would be happy to tailor a package for you.

What is the minimum commitment on 080Callers?

There are no minimum commitments, 080Callers is month to month but we give yearly discounts if paid up front for the year. You're in control, you choose whether to upgrade your 080Callers account when needed based on volume, and you can cancel any time.

How fast do you call my contacts?

Completion times are best-effort for non-enterprise users, usually a few minutes during business hours. If you require a task completion time SLA, talk with us about our guaranteed-SLA.

What is the difference between 080Callers and 080Callers Enterprise plans?

Large businesses typically have much higher traffic volumes and have different needs to smaller businesses. 080Callers Enterprise gives large businesses custom tools and the dedicated assistance needed to scale up to high traffic volumes.

Is 080Callers a bot or are there real human beings talking to my leads?

080Callers is 100% human-powered by vetted U.S based agents. Your leads only talk to a real person before they are passed off to you.

Does 080Callers work with my lead sources?

The answer is most likely yes, 080Callers has multiple lead sources including our REST API, Zapier, as well as our Email Parsing Tool. We support many partners already as listed on our integrations page. If you don't find your lead source, feel free to contact us and we may be able to easily add support for your lead source.

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